Chris Petrocchi

Chris Petrocchi

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First Name * Chris
Last Name * Petrocchi
Username * StoneEye
Country * USA
City San Bruno
Nationality American
Languages English



I have been working in the game industry as a concept artist for the last six years. Currently I am freelancing in both the game and illustration industry. Before working in this field I was a 2D animator and storyboard artist working for TV and film projects.

I have been working in the entertainment industry for the past ten years as a fulltime and freelance concept artist and art director for such companies as EA Redwoodshores (Godfather, Lord of the Rings, The Simms), EA Maxis (Spore), Factor 5, Activision, THQ, Wildbrain (Layout Artist), Warner Brothers (Storyboard) and Colossal Pictures (2D animator). Currently I live in China and continue to freelance as a concept artist and illustrator.

Recently I have returned to the States after working in Shanghai, China as an Art Director and Concept Artist for a US art studio. There I led a team of 12 artists as well as produced artwork for a wide variety of styles and genres including World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, Star Trek Online, Activision, Tron, Shrapnel (Radical Publishing), Star Wars (SWG), Frogster, Universal, KingsIsle, Zynga, Ngmoco, Happy Island and many others.
In 20101 and 2011 I lectured and gave demonstrations on the topic of concept art tour at the Shanghai at Fantasy China Cartoon and Game Convention and at Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Art as well as lecturing on concept art at the Animation and Comic convention in Fuzhou,China.


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